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Melbourne Showcase

- Online Application -


Please make sure you have read the details, terms and conditions before applying. You will be notified of you position closer to the event. Double check that all your details are correct so that we have the right information to consider you for our event.



HOW MANY REHEARSALS? Pop Divas will hold 1 rehearsal per week, for 5 weeks starting June 2017.

WHEN ARE REHEARSALS? Rehearsals will be held between Monday-Thursday nights. We will pick one of these nights based on the availability of those applying.


IS THIS THEME FOR FEMALES ONLY? Of course not! There are plenty of male Pop Divas in the industry! We will choose songs based on the styles of singers that apply.


HOW MUCH IS THE SHOWCASE? The cast fee is $150, with a $50 deposit to be paid before the first rehearsal.


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