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5 Simple Tricks To Maintain Your Voice!

  1. Drink 2-3L of Water per day! Your vocal folds need to stay hydrated to avoid straining.

  2. Sleep! Teenagers require at least 9hours and 20minutes, with most adults needing at least 8hours. You not only feel better after a good sleep, but it allows more time for your voice to completely rest and relax.

  3. Try not to eat late or before bed! This promotes reflux during sleep, which can irritate your focal folds.

  4. Practice singing in frequent short bursts rather than one long session until you have developed a strong vocal stamina.

  5. Always warm up before singing! At least some lip trills, humming and buzzing… Stay tuned for some of the best vocal warm ups recommended by Take the Mic Musical Director, Katie Weston.

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