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Are you ready to take the SPOTLIGHT? Lead your own BAND, and perform HIT SONGS from your favourite artists?


Join our contemporary voice SOLO SHOWCASE!



The solo showcase offers an incredible opportunity for performers to gain individual vocal coaching, vocal workshops and perform to a LIVE AUDIENCE! Vocalists will have the opportunity to perform a 15-20min set leading a full band including Drums, Guitar, and Keys!


Take the Mic are searching for confident singers with natural performance abilities to lead a band for their own concert performance. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, or simply love to perform, the solo showcase has the best entertainment value to offer.

Totally FREE*


Showcasers are expected to sell a minimum 20 tickets @ $25 each for the concert, offering this incredible experience with more than $1000 value, performers will receive an amazing package including:

  • x2 (1 Hour) Vocal workshops with Music Director Katie Weston

  • x1 (1 Hour) Director consultation with Producing/Director James Terry.

  • Video of your performance including x2 Broadcast quality video cameras

  • Photography taken by a professional photographer

  • Lead an amazing band including Drums, Guitar, and Keys


*Performers have several weeks to promote and sell tickets online OR pre-purchase and sell hard copy tickets. The minimum 20 tickets must be sold before the last rehearsal or performers will be invoiced the remaining fee.



To audition, applicants must provide a video recording demonstrating their vocal and performance ability.  We are searching for confident singers with natural performance abilities. ONLY SIX performers will be chosen for this event, so we encourage applying early. Please fill in the online form provided.





Still want to go SOLO?


Have a question?! Visit our FAQ page for assistance Click Here!
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